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powder coating mixer

  • LC-3310 Exterior Matting Agent For Powder Coatings

    Contact NowLC-3310 Exterior Matting Agent For Powder CoatingsGeneral Description LC-3310 is a highly efficient matting additive for exterior powdercoatings. Highly matting efficiency.· Not affect film mechanical properties· Excellent yellowing resistance· ExcellRead More

  • LC-88 Flow Control Agent For Powder Coatings

    Contact NowLC-88 Flow Control Agent For Powder CoatingsGeneral Description LC-88 is based on a liquid oligomer that has been converted intofree-flowing powder by absorption onto silica-type filler eliminateorange peel effect, craters, pinholes and so on suRead More

  • Bonding Mixer

    Contact NowBonding MixerBDM Series Metallic Bonding Mixer:Metallic bonding is a technology of bonding metallic powder to the surface of powder coatings to form the metallic powder coating. Features:1. Container design withRead More

  • Post Mixer

    Contact NowPost MixerSHJ Series Post-Mixer This series of mixer gathers multiple advantages of various mixers. The container can radially rotate to make the materials inside turn rapidly from one side to another, and recyRead More

  • High Speed Pre-Mixer

    Contact NowHigh Speed Pre-MixerPHJ series High Speed Pre-mixerThis series of mixer has the functions of both mixing and crushing applicable for various powder and solid chemical materials. It adopts advanced sealing design to avoidRead More

  • Container Mixer

    Contact NowContainer MixerFHJ Series Container Mixer   This series of container mixer adopts movable container design, can be applied for the mixing of various kinds of powder & granular materials.Read More