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Powder Coating Process Of Bubbles In The Sand Causes And Solutions Jul 11, 2016

Bubbles in the powder coating process (crater), the sand grains cause analysis and solutions. Consider the powder coating process

(1) the coated material. Such as cast iron, cast aluminium parts have trachoma, or hot-rolled steel sheet surface is rough, with micro-holes, this would make the film prone to sand (particle) or volcanic craters. This is because Dang powder paint baking curing, powder paint melting flow usually makes was coated real surface closed, with was coated real temperature of increased, was coated real trachoma or stomatal in the of air pressure increased, to arch up melting flow flat of coated film, if internal pressure cannot drum broken coated film Shi on formed sand grain (particles), dang drum broken coated film and coated film and cannot bridge Shi on formed volcano pit.