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Metal Powder Coating Technology And Security Jul 11, 2016

Metallic colors such as cars to home appliances and IT appears high-end fashion. Metallic effect powder coatings are increasingly favored by the market. Popular metal powder with silver, gold and bronze. This tendency is starting from the automobile industry, other industries are also now beginning to flourish. In these metallic silver are particularly affected by the customer likes. Metal powder coating as well, account for a growing share of the market. Many manufacturers also see this trend of powder coatings. Metallic powder coatings are added to the powder at the end of metallic pigments, metal effect that brings to the surface, have very good decorative properties. With more and more stringent national environmental protection laws and regulations, more and more liquid metal is forced to turn to powder coating. But to produce a high quality, stable performance of the metal powder coatings, requires a certain degree of skill and experience. Consider the technology as a whole, including selection of raw materials, laboratory samples, production process and quality control, as well as safety.