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1999, Lingyu Powder Machinery Co., Ltd. founded, specialized in  researching and manufacturing powder coating processing equipment. So far our equipment have been exported to more than 20 countries.

2007, Longcai Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. founded. Its Longcester polyester resin for powder coating mainly include the Hybrid type, TGIC Curing type and HAA Curing type.

2013, Longcai started additive business, mainly includes hardener agents, leveling agents, matting agents and several special additives.

2013, ALD powder coating company founded. Specialized in high quality powder coating, especially metallic powder coating.

2015, Longcai started to produce two-step epoxy resin, which is widely applied to indoor powder coatings, pure epoxy powder coatings and functional powder coatings.

2016, Weihai Longcai Advanced Materials Co., Ltd established in Rushan, Weihai, further enlarged the production of powder coating raw materials, also added some new products, such of low acid value Resin, Toner Resin, etc. Plants in Malaysia and Turkey are now under  preparation.

Now Longcai Group is able to offer complete support in powder coating area from production equipment to raw material, and even some basic technical guidance. We will be your stable partner and supporter for your developing business in powder coating industry.

Company name: Yantai Longcai Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.


Contact phone: 0535-6276722